play me out: ocean and apple and cymbals, oh my!

Hey guys, I’m starting a new thing! It’s music related, even though I usually leave that to Ebony! Let’s goooo!

I don’t know what’s been going on, but for some reason there has been some really rad music this summer— the kind that I’ll remember for summers to come as I cling to what’s left of my waning innocence youth. And although I’m not usually the kind of person to listen to current music (I often fall back on everyone from David Bowie to early nineties era Mary J. Blige) the scene has been brimming with fantastic, shiny, newness. And I’m like one of those birds who likes shiny things. Here are my top five of the week/day/whatever.

1. Crack Rock, Frank Ocean (channel ORANGE)

Although this is one of my favorites, I’m not saying this is the best song on this album— how could I, even, especially when there are so many?— but I will say what everyone else is saying: the way Frank Ocean weaves stories and details into his lyrics is unparalleled. I can’t get this one out of my head, and I shan’t complain.

2. Valentine, Fiona Apple (The Idler Wheel…)

One of the many guttural, urgent tracks from The Idler Wheel…, this one fills my heart with whatever cause Apple seems to be rooting for (apparently rooting for you, and loving you, natch). She grabs you and takes you with her on what most people would call a whirlwind of emotions— and it feels good.

3. Henrietta, Yeasayer (Fragrant World)

Not gonna lie— there’s a bit of room for me to be a bigger Yeasayer fan, and with their upcoming album Fragrant World, it might happen— “Henrietta” has a perfect pop sensibility about it, but offers more than just that, with Yeasayer’s standard psychedelic romanticism thrumming in the background. The band shows impressive growth with this one (and another, “Longevity”) without giving away too much Yeasayer-ness.

4. About to Die, Dirty Projectors (Swing Lo Magellan)

As the kids say (I don’t know any kids), I am happy as a clam, perhaps, with this new Dirty Projector’s album (just kidding. I know from the Ocean City boardwalk that the kids only say things like  ‘YOLO.’) Simple and breezy, you can tell these guys are having a grand old time. Also, it’s fun to sing along to it in the shower, so there’s that.

5. Intense Kids, Cymbals (Sideways, Sometimes)

This is, for all intents & purposes, my JAM. Cymbals remind me of something, or someone, and although I can never figure it out, I appreciate their mashup of modern and vintage (I’m talking eighties, baby) sound. In this track especially— it grabs you and it brings you in and boy, it takes you for a ride.

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